Digestive power for healthy skin

The importance of digestive power for your overall health and longevity is a key concept of Ayurveda teachings. In my practice, I have found that patients with “stubborn” skin diseases often have digestive problems as well. And this makes sense because our outer skin is a reflection of our inner skin aka gastrointestinal skin. In this video, I show you, how you can treat digestive problems and strengthen your digestive power at the same time.

I explain that in the video:

Koriander Seeds

work well against gas and bloating. They have a cooling effect on the digestive system.


besides its positive effects on digestion, it reduces the acidity of the food.


has an anti-inflammatory effect on the intestinal walls and strengthens digestive power. It is very effective against heartburn.

Fennel Seeds

they are widely known for giving relief for gas/bloating/abdominal cramps.


this is the most important spice in the Ayurvedic medicine cabinet! Ginger rekindles our digestive fire without creating heat in the body (which would lead to inflammation).

In the video, I explain how to use them effectively in your everyday life.

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